Friday, 31 March 2017

Day 32: More threads, more cousins.

Today's post is a bit of a grab-bag.  I'm having trouble creating a narrative thread!

First, a bit of a follow-up on the doilie story from yesterday. My cousin Christine, who is herself a collector of doilies,  has positively identified the one I thought was lace (right) as Belgium lace. Christine has an identical one bought for her in Belgium by a friend. Many thanks Christine. I'm chuffed.

I also had an anonymous posting to my embroidery blog, which, translated from the French in which it was written, said " For your mats, 2 = bobbin lace,  the 3rd the lace of Luxeuil and 4 crochet". This conflicts with Christine's information (Luxeuil instead of Brussels) - but we are on the right track.

My only excursion today was over to Bridge Road - yes, I admit it - to the quilting shop again.

I began my seagull panel last night - another Embroiderers' Guild of SA piece for the Aviarius exhibition in August. My seagull is going on the back of a bench seat, coloured tan. I thought I had enough thread with me, but bench seats use a lot of thread! So I ventured over this morning to see if I could match the colour. Mine, of course was unmarked anonymous thread from a previous project.

To my joy, amongst their quite limited range of thread, was Anchor 341 - a perfect match, along with 339 to give me some shading options. Yes!


My luck was also in with the car Veronica took a fancy to from my previous post. It wasn't parked there yesterday, but was back again today and I got a much better photograph.

It is, I discovered (from the word conveniently printed under the windscreen!), a Citroen Dolly (1987/8). Veronica has good taste. You can buy one for about £6500

I also noticed a rather charming pub that looks as if it would be worth sampling - but I don't feel inclined to try on my own - need cousins!

I haven't used Hampton Court station while I've been here. The closest I have got is to the antique shops opposite. I love the lines of the building - there's an embroidery in there!

I have been observing the lovely lamp-posts on the Hampton Court Bridge. At sunset, on a bright day, the light catches the filigree and they shimmer.

I checked them out today at close range. The figure on the top of the light is a lion in all cases. I had thought they might alternate with a unicorn.

There's more embroidery potential here!

My main commitment today was to lunch at the Mitre with Andrew and Jean. Andrew and I are second cousins once removed on my mother's side. We met, through a family history connection,  last time I was in London and again when Andrew and Jean were in Sydney last year. We have loads in common and had a really relaxed and enjoyable three and a half hours over lunch, discussing family, family history, travel, work - and the many things we share. We missed my brother - who had originally planned to make this trip too.

Although I had issued the lunch invitation, Peter insisted it was their treat. Unless they make a return trip to Australia soon (not on the cards) the next one in London is on me (and maybe my brother!).

The weather reached a high of 17C here today and it was almost glarey sitting in the window of the Riverside Restaurant.At 5pm it was down to 14C and quite chilly outside -but still quite sunny - and beautiful. I am starting to like shades of grey! Must be time to go home.

Tomorrow is my last full day in London and I will be spending it at the Royal School of Needlework. I am disappointed that I have missed seeing their Stories in Stitch Exhibition. I had assumed I could just go to the Palace and see it in working hours, but you need to book into a session .There are very few sessions and the two this week were booked out long ago. Had I realised, I could have booked months ago. It didn't occur to me to check.

Tonight I tried to capture the beams of the setting sun on the lamp posts.

Only one is close enough for me to capture.


Then the sun set.

I also videoed the movement of the water - so soothing. Hope you can see it.

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