Saturday, 4 March 2017

Day 5: Stitching Retreat Day Two.

This morning I woke to find an elegant visitor walking around just outside my room. So charming.

The day began fairly grey, although clear.  The setting is attractive even without sunshine.

Today was an intense stitching so after breakfast (OK, I admit it - the full breakfast won again) we were soon settling back into our groups.  Today, my group, working with Nicola Jarvis, was well into it. We work at different paces but were all progressing.  We are also trying out various different lights and magnifiers.
I am making visible progress today. My satin stitch improved. It was lovely working in different thicknesses of thread and changing stitches within a small area. I got into a rhythm.
Nicola has a wonderful finished version of our project which we are able to examine and also photograph. This is a photograph of this part of Nicola's finished piece. 
Late in the morning, this sun came out. The landscape brightened. We rushed outside to take photographs and feel the sun on our skin.
The sun also revealed the snow on the mountain top.
We stopped for lunch - but not for very long. We were all keen to stay in the swing of our stitching.

We learn so much from each other, just sharing the mistakes we make, the angle of our frames. I love the way we find so much in common - and areas of difference. We laugh, identify, draw boundaries, share anecdotes and experiences. Our experiences as women are so common - and support our differences.

Although we all work at different paces and have different strengths, we all gain from working with an experienced, good teacher. We hang out for tips and the opportunity to ask questions and improve technique. We all understand the privilege of being able to learn in a face to face setting.
I'm planning on a little more stitching this evening, but I'm pleased with where I have come today.


  1. Love this white work. What brand of threads are you using?

  2. Love this white work. What brand of threads are you using?

  3. What a pretty design this is. I love those acorns! And, isn't it gorgeous when the sun comes out? Looks completely different.