Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day 10: Embroidery Retreat Day 7

This morning the daffodils were fully out and the sun shone on a still landscape.

Today was full-on embroidery in our second project. We were all pretty keen. We began by finishing our 12 shadow leaves. This photograph was taken with a navy cloth on my lap to give a background to the transparent fabric.

We then worked the centre of the rose (already appliqued in silk) with silk wrap plate.

Our space was light, sunny and very conducive to work and companionable interaction.

By 5.15 pm I and most of my companions had edged and partially beaded the rose, worked a little quince with an eyelet and highlighted satin stitch in silk and added a couple of leather leaves.

Tomorrow is our final day. We have a way to go, but are well positioned to cover all the remaining elements.

As 6 pm approached, Philipps rounded us all up to have a play with crewel embroidery. She had laid out a wonderful pile of wools, some hoops with a design and fabric in them, and a selection of samples. We had to choose three shades of one colour and a colour we would never think of using.

Philippa was obviously suffering from teaching deprivation. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious - and the treasure trove of wools and resources were so enticing that by 6.15 we were all sitting down playing with our fabric, experimenting and comparing ideas.

It was enormous fun, energising and uplifting.

We are beginning to talk of what we are doing when we leave on Saturday. There is also a bit of a push to finish the jigsaw puzzle. The hum of conversation is extraordinarily relaxed, warm and underpinned with laughter.