Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Day 16: On Derwent Water

The forecast today was sunny - the only day on the horizon with this forecast - and the morning view from our window proved promising.
We therefore followed our plan and headed down to the water to catch the 11.30 boat around Derwent Water. The boat wharf is directly opposite the Theatre on the Lake. The boat ticket office sells duck food, so there is always a collection of geese, ducks and swans waiting hopefully. 
Even though the sun was periodically shining, it was quite cold in the outside section of the boat so we sat inside. My photographs, therefore, are all taken through glass, with both sea spray and reflection.

It was a lovely ride, in the middle of water, surrounded on all sides by fells, quite different shapes, sizes and vegetation.

There were quite a few craft on the water.

Once again, the view to the South-West was dark 
but colour emerged to the North West.
Along the water's edge there are paths with walkers and their dogs.

As we return to Keswick, there are pleasant views of isolated houses, the Keswick church tower and the old boathouse.

The owl on the jetty welcomed us back and we walked through Hope Park to the High Street, stopping for coffee on the way.

The Wainwright Pub was having roof repairs done in fine Cumbrian style.

Back in the High Street, the daffodils are in full bloom.

I did go to the thread shop. I'd have loved to have taken photos inside but thought it would be rude. It is a tiny shop jam-packed with wool. There are a few cross-stitch kits and a good Anchor and DMC range. The shop=keeper sat behind a small counter knitting. Piled around her on the floor were balls of wool. She looked like Miss Tiggywinkle in a den of wool. She was helpful, friendly and pleasant.

We settled on the Dog and Gun for lunch. 

Many people in the pub were dressed like this.

I settled once again for the Beef and Ale Pie - but with chips instead of mashed potato.

I have managed a bit of work on my last robin panel - after quite a bit of unpicking - but that's a story for an embroidery blog in the future.

Tonight I managed to capture  a few of the birds as they came home to roost just before sunset.

The lower photo of the sunset is a panorama shot.

This has been a lovely day in all ways. The weather is forecast to change to rain by tomorrow afternoon - so we made the most of today.


  1. Brr, it does look chilly. But beautiful! I hope you have some good indoor activities planned for the rain. I think you've been lucky with the weather overall, though!

  2. Lovely, although the food is looking a bit much xxx (Alison=Ada-Jean)