Saturday, 25 March 2017

Day 26: to Hampton Court

Another full English breakfast at the Stratford Limes Hotel this morning before we headed off. This really was a most pleasant hotel - with terrific service from the staff.

Sue and Alf planned our journey to take in quite a bit of countryside before we joined the M4 into London. The plan was to drop me at Hampton Court before they journeyed on to Margate.

The plan worked well from my point of view, and proved to be not too onerous a drive for Alf.

We headed out of Stratford towards Banbury.

It was lush and green with plenty of blue sky.

We passed through Oxhill in Warwick


and around Banbury

where there were lots of daffodils in evidence

through Wroxton

and Drayton

 by-passing Banbury itself.

Maybe this woman was off to get her Banbury tart.

There was plenty of traffic around. I chose to take photos of the more peaceful scenery.

I was interested in the trees with rookeries - 12-15 nests in the one tree. I didn't manage to photograph them. The one behind the farmhouse below was obscured by the foreground tree.

There was no activity on Kempton Park Racecourse.

We arrived at the Mitre Hotel at Hampton Court around 11 am and had a coffee before saying our farewells. I'm hoping Sue and Alf had a smooth and uneventful journey on to Kent. It has been a lovely two weeks together. I'm feeling blessed and grateful

My room (the Jane Seymour Room!) was ready for me. Last time I stayed here my room opened on to a small internal garden. This time it opens on to a walkway around to the river. The atrium roof of the restaurant prevents me seeing the river, but lets the sun in through a window and French door. There is a large bedroom and a small sitting room.
I am sitting with the doors open, writing this blog - and it will be an ideal place for stitching.

I have quite a bit of time this week to do just that.

The wifi comes and goes a bit - but it is a major improvement on the last time I was here when I had to plug into a computer in the hotel's library.

After writing and uploading the photos above, I went for a walk along the river to check out the ferry to Westminster. I had hoped it might take me close to St Paul's Cathedral on Monday so I can take a photo of the altar frontal made by soldiers in WWI for our Guild newsletter. Unfortunately, the ferry does not begin until Easter.

It was, however,  pleasant in the sun along the river.
Tomorrow I have to be at the RSN by 9.30 am - and daylight saving begins tonight!

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