Monday, 6 March 2017

England Day 7:Embroidery Retreat Day Four

It was such a misty moisty morning that I thought I should be out looking for an old man clothed all in leather.
Instead I went to my class, where we worked hard learning the last few stitches we need to complete our Mountmellick cushion. We worked Palestrina knots and a braiding stitch along the edge of our project as a practice. They will be worked in situ when we have put in most of the other stitches. These are both stitches I have learned at our Guild, but I will still need a bit of a reminder and practice before I add them to the piece.
By mid-morning the mist was lifting and the landscape emerged sharp and clear.
We spent our last session with Nicola going through the steps to finish the project and learning Mountmellick stitch. The project doesn't use this stitch, but Nicola figured we should know how to do it.
This is where I finished up at the end of the session. There's a way to go but it's significant progress and I can see myself finishing it.
After lunch a small group of us went into Windermere for a bit of an explore. It's a very attractive town - especially on a clear day. It has attractive stone buildings in a pleasantly curving street.


I find the chimney's and rooflines really attractive.

There's a Methodist chapel and some lovely nooks and lanes.

There are two butchers. One has an extensive display of local meet. The other has a window full of prizes he has won for his meat. I'm not sure which one I'd buy from!

There were several men up ladders, washing fittings and windows or painting them - the tourist season must be approaching.

When we got back to the Ryebeck Hotel, Philippa had organised a display of some of her collection of antique embroideries and reproductions. They are all interesting and remarkable pieces, including a bedspread, a petticoat, a box, sweet bags and a waistcoat.

We then went out to the Boar's Head Inn for dinner. The food was good. I had pheasant. The company was even better.We talked and laughed, ate and drank.

Back at the Ryebeck there are pockets of conversation, a bit of jigsaw puzzle, someone stitching, a few gone to bed and three of us taking advantage of the lounge room wifi.

Contentment. I'm counting my blessings.


  1. Stitching looks good. Pretty little town. Back to 33 today for a few days.

  2. Stitching looks good. Pretty little town. Back to 33 today for a few days.

  3. What a beautiful day, and a great set of photos! It must feel so different from the landscape at home.

  4. Yes, it does, Monica. It is, nevertheless familiar.