Thursday, 16 March 2017

Day 17: Keswick in the Rain

We had planned a quiet day today with a walk to the local church. The forecast was for rain increasing in the afternoon. We had a slow morning. I stitched a bit, Sue did some  washing and Alf went to the supermarket. By the time we decided to go out, it was very chilly and wet. I donned my spencer (I understand this term is only used in Australia. It refers to thermal underwear for the upper body!) for the first time in about 30 years. I think I bought it to visit the UK in Christmas 1984 and I doubt I've worn it since.

We were hungry, so wandered along Lake Road looking for a place we fancied.

Today is Market day and there is a good choice of scented candles, slate objects, crystals, mystic objects and clothing.

We settled on the Skiddaw Hotel, which has a lovely open atrium overlooking the street, so we could watch the market.

It was warm and cosy. The service was good as was the choice of food.

it was a place for people to meet for a chat and to rest their dogs.

We went for a light meal today, as Alf is planning on cooking a mushroom omelette tonight. I had crab cakes - and needed to try Cumbrian ice-cream.

When we came out it was cold and bucketing down, so we did a bit of shopping instead of visiting the church, where the celtic crosses we want to see are outside in the graveyard,

I visited Crafts of the North in the Congregational Church Hall and Sue bought herself a waterproof jacket.

 By 5pm the rain had eased. We might as well get used to it, as it is forecast to continue for the best part of a week. My new down jacket is standing up well and my NZ Possum Fur hat is earning its keep. The thermal underwear did well in the street, but less well in the pub. I can't remove the thin merino jumper layer when what is underneath is underwear!

I could happily sit and stitch in our living room for a week watching the changing landscape through the window.

The fells appear and disappear as the cloud and the rain descends and lifts. The jackdaws wheel through the rain and the sun, some sitting out the squalls on the bare branches of the trees.
The jackdaws gather on the beech tree just prior to sunset then disperse to roost for the night.
By sunset the rain had eased. 
The omelette was delicious.
Our plan for tomorrow is to visit Coniston and the Ruskin Museum regardless of the weather.

Whatever tomorrow brings it's sure to involve rain!

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  1. I always thought a Spencer was a coat, and I see that is the first definition on But, if you scroll far enough down, you find the knitted one too! That's a new one for me. :D

    It really is amazing how the low clouds roll in and out, and change the landscape so dramatically. We don't get that here, that's island weather! Stay warm. :D