Monday, 13 March 2017

Day 14:Keswick Town and Derwent Water

We had a leisurely start this morning.  I am slowly progressing my last robins panel

In the late morning we walked down to Derwent Water. These photos are NOT taken in or converted to black and white. They reflect the colour of the landscape, looking West.

It was extraordinarily beautiful. There were quite a few people around.

The next set of photos were taken from the same place, but looking East rather than West.

The impact of light from a patch of blue sky is extraordinary.

From the vantage of the Water we could see the front of the houses between our apartment and the Water. Our sunset views incorporate the backs of these rather grand houses.

Today we had a more modest lunch at the Cafe overlooking the golf course and the grand houses.

After lunch we walked through the town. I bought myself one of those compactible puffy down-filled jackets that I looked to buy before I left home. This is a much easier environment in which to find one than Adelaide. There are at least 5 shops in Keswick that stock something similar.
I found, but did not visit, the shop selling threads, wools and needlework supplies. That's an excursion for another day.

There is also a pop-up craft shop, selling jewelery, pottery, glasswear and paintings

The sunset was short-lived but quite beautiful


  1. That small wash of red at the end is almost wistful, isn't it? Enjoy the thread shop!

    1. Thanks Monica. I'm saving the thread shop for a rainy day, of which there are likely to be many!