Sunday, 5 March 2017

Day 6: Embroidery Retreat Day 3

Today was an intense embroidery day. It began dull and overcast, wet from overnight rain.

In our class, we began stitching the acorns, using a padded satin stitch. I didn't get the padding quite right but managed to get quite a smooth satin stitch finish.
It doesn't look like a lot, but it is significant progress.

We all worked intensely.

We are still trying out a variety of lamps and magnifiers. Our conversation today focused a bit on the experience of two of our number who had in the English justice system  - as well as plenty of discussion about our stitching.

I made good progress on the acorns.

During the morning the sun came out and the landscape changed. The colours in sunlight make such a difference. There is still snow on the top of the mountain.

After lunch we worked on one of the rose petals. I have made real progress with padded satin stitch and finished off a second acorn.
Before dinner Philippa made a presentation on the history of Crewel embroidery with some wonderful slides. There is now a jigsaw going and a keen group progressing it after dinner. Our eyes, for the most part, won't stand further stitching at night. Tomorrow we have our final sessions with Nicola and a half day of free time.

I have struggled tonight to control the size of photos as I upload them. I hope to fix it soon.