Wednesday, 8 March 2017

England Day 9: Embroidery Retreat Day 6

This morning the daffodils had buds that were beginning to open. It is chilly, but the day was largely clear.

As we began breakfast two deer came to graze.

In the morning we had a session with Auburn Claire Lucas, a student of the Royal School of Needlework who has been sponsored by The Crewel Work Company.  Auburn taught us  an Elizabethan Sweet Pea.

The sweet pea itself was done in a corded buttonhole - green thread over gold passing thread. It is a lovely technique and Auburn gave very clear and precise instructions. I really liked the stitch and the effect. I have an idea to use it on my next Dijanne Cevaal dragon.

The Elizabethan plaited braid stitch was much harder - though beautiful. I got into the swing of what I thought was it, but in fact I had not quite got it right. Nevertheless, I'm happy with the effect and I look forward to putting the piece together.

I'm really pleased to have had the chance to learn with an  embroiderer of the future. It is important for all of us that we support the future of our craft and mentor young embroiderers.

While we were working with Auburn, the hotel changed the flower arrangement in the lounge. Spring is evident.

In the afternoon we swapped tutors to begin our second project. My group is now working with Jenny Adin-Christie on a lovely roundell based on work at Blackwell, where we were yesterday.

It was a lovely sunny space this afternoon - so sunny that for some of the time I worked with my back to the window!

We were a very relaxed group and Jenny paced our work well.

We began with shadow work, which I love and moved on to prepare an appliqued gold insert.

As I am writing this, well into the evening, some of my fellow stitchers are still working on this, advancing their projects. I will need to get up early tomorrow to catch up !


  1. You appear to be learning so much. Looks wonderful.

  2. You appear to be learning so much. Looks wonderful.

  3. That roundel is a completely gorgeous design! No wonder everyone is so keen. :D