Thursday, 23 March 2017

Day 24: Last Day in Keswick: Blencathra and the Derwentwater Hotel

When I rose this morning there was still low cloud over the Fells and it wasn't until about 9.00am before I could see that rain overnight had washed away some of the snow,

True to the forecast, the sun emerged from the cloud around mid-day and we set off for a bit of a drive to see if we could reach a vantage point.

We drove through Borrowdale and St John's-in-the-vale  with some good views of the snowy tops. 

We took the road to Threlkeld and turned up the Blease Road.

Towards the top there is a wonderful moss-covered stone wall

At the top is  towards the Blencathra Field Studies Centre that provides educational programs in the environment and field work for schools, universities, families and individuals.

It is a large, well-equipped property including a substantial stone building with great cornerstones.

The view from the Blencathra Centre is spectacular.

The Thelkeld School had some neat yarn-bombed pencils on its railing.

We drove back down the side of Blencathra and back towards Keswick
 past some of the Fells we can see from our bedroom windows.

heading to Portinscale at the North end of Derwent Water

where we stopped for lunch in the lovely atrium of the Derwentwater Hotel. This is a large, rather old-fashioned hotel with 49 rooms and a number of self-catering apartments.

It was really quiet, apart from the occasional fly-over by the local airforce.

It was really serene and beautiful with views over the lake

and an extensive landscaped garden

As we drove back into Keswick there was still a lot of cloud but the sun was out.

It was a remarkably restful and spectacular way to spend our last day in the Lakes District.

Keswick turned on a 'will ye no come back again' sunset for our last evening.

We've done a bit of packing preparation snd settled down to watch the Final of the BBC's The Great Pottery Throw Down with a glass of wine.

I knew very little about the Lakes District - apart from poets and Beatrix Potter - before coming here three weeks ago.  I've learnt a lot. Most of all it's been fun, restful and amazingly beautiful.

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  1. Yes, the Lakes District is a lot more dramatic than I thought, too. I've enjoyed all your photos! Safe journey to the next stop. :D