Friday, 10 March 2017

Day 11: Embroidery Retreat Day 9

Today dawned grey and damp - a complete contrast to yesterday. It mattered little to us as we stitched madly all day, but it does cast a bit of a gloomy atmosphere.
This contrasts sharply with the photo sent to me this morning by Laura Turnbull from yesterday's photo shoot.  I did not have a photo of the whole hotel so I'm very grateful to Laura.

Our work today focused on the satin stitch edge of the acorn leaves. Jenny meticulously taught us stitch angles and techniques for prefect satin stitch - and mine improved significantly.

We then filled a quince leaf with Gold Purl- an interesting, painstaking process. After lunch we went through a couple of stitches needed to finish the project before we began to pack up our work.

Lunches have been wonderful this week - light, varied, with lots of salad and soup. Today's soup was parsnip and vanilla - truly delicious. I also chose the Red Bream Salad, which was great.

Some of our work is now on display for a couple of hours. I have reluctantly packed my bag. I don't leave until 12.30pm tomorrow but there is an atmosphere of packing and moving that is hard to resist. I am experiencing the feeling I hated at school in my last year when I was, because of Honours Classes, sometimes in the school when everyone had gone on the last day of term. I hated the sense of abandonment - of being left behind.

Our last evening has been spent in a slide-show of photos, dinner, a quiz and a lot of laughing and clapping. We have also filled out a form indicating our interest in attending a retreat again next year.

A couple of our party are leaving during the night - taxis are booked for 3.30am and 5 am. The rest of us will share breakfast. I have a bag of my projects - one in a slate frame- that Philippa will kindly package and mail to me in Australia. I also have a taxi booked for 12.20 pm  tomorrow to take me to Keswick and the next leg of my adventure.


  1. No wonder you are feeling gloomy with such a grey day! But, it will be lovely to see your cousins again. Safe trip!

  2. Thanks Monica. Still grey - but all good.