Thursday, 30 March 2017

Day 31: On a Mission

(NB - I posted this about 90 minutes ago, but then lost it. I had only a preview copy which could not be copied and pasted, so have retyped and loaded photos using the preview as a guide. Apologies to any readers who had an earlier notification and a dead link.)

I had invited cousins to have dinner with me tonight in the hotel and planned on a quiet day - maybe another trip on the Turk launch. Then  I had a request from a friend in Adelaide to look for some crocheted doilies in the vintage shops along Bridge Road.Nothing like a little challenge to give me focus!

 It promised to be a fine day as I set off around 10.30. I hunted through a number of shops without finding anything much in the way of linens.

Plenty of buttons, though. This bin is about 90cm high!

I checked out that shell-covered trunk - £95. The shells are very large - and not all that attractive.

 While the other antique and vintage shops failed to produce any linen, I headed to the Emporium where I knew there was a supply. I had a good rummage.

I selected five pieces for my friend.

This one was labelled as crocheted linen from the 1930s. While the thread may well be linen, I doubt that it has been crocheted. I am far from being an expert crocheter, but I doubt that this could have been done with a hook. I think it has been woven with a needle.

My Guild friends will know better than I.

It is nice, though and the method will not matter, I think, to my commissioning friend.

 This one is very fine and could be crocheted. Also marked 1930s.
 I'm not at all sure of this one. It is very fine. I'd guess some kind of lace.
 These came as a bundle, although they don't match. Definitely crocheted.
Although it doesn't show here, this one is pale pink - and crocheted.

I think I did quite well (I hope my commissioning friend agrees!) for £10.50.

Somewhere in the purchase process, I lost my room key - I suspect I pulled it out of my pocket with my phone while taking photos.There was no drama about issuing me with another - but I felt annoyed with myself - and a prat!

It was a lovely day and I was tempted to take the boat trip, but opted instead to open my sitting room doors, catch up on emails, blogs and stitching. This is a very pleasant set of rooms

The bedroom is very large. I have moved a small chair from the sitting room to under the window in the bedroom, where the wifi is stronger. It is very pleasant sitting there with the sun on my back.

There is a good desk - for charging my various devices.The sitting room has an ample wardrobe, so there is no sense of clutter.

I have a few niggles. I prefer a shower recess to a shower over a bath - my knee still doesn't like big steps - but I can't complain about the number of supports to help me get in and out of the bath!

I also appreciate the heated towel rail - makes laundry so much easier!

Where once I was just pleased to have an in-room safe, I am now exasperated with safes that require me to lie down on the floor to read and operate them. No-can-do anymore. I leave my laptop in the reception safe if I go out for any length of time.

I caught up on my embroidery blog and posted about my final Robins  panel. I also began my seagull panel - which should get me through the journey home.

I have spent the last three hours or so having dinner with my cousin David and his wife Susan.We were lucky. When I went to reception at 6.15 to check on parking arrangements for my lunch guests tomorrow, the hotel manager (one week into the job) greeted me with profuse apologies. There was a problem with the boiler and the kitchen was unable to use gas - so unable to cook. It would take two hours to fix - we might have to eat elsewhere. He was distressed and concerned. David, Susan and I opted to have a drink and see what eventuated. Within half an hour the kitchen was operating The manager came to find me to tell me the good news. It was a very human touch - indicative of the strength (and weakness!) of this hotel.

We enjoyed our meal. It was great to catch up on their news and family. They also bought me a gift - a lovely package of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric - two metres in fat quarters. It is so light , beautiful and carefully chosen to transport easily. I am already dreaming of what I will make with it. Such a thoughtful gift.

I am so privileged. - grateful for the opportunity, and the joy, of connection, family and friendship.

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  1. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled, that is a good haul! Have fun at RSN again tomorrow!