Monday, 27 March 2017

Day 28: Around East Molesey

 Following a tip from Christine, my friend from Watford, this morning I walked over the bridge to the other side of the river and explored the shops along Bridge Street East Molesey.

This is the view of the hotel's dining rooms from the bridge. Both the curved windows belong to dining rooms. The lower one is the Riverside Restaurant which is open all day and evening, servicing the public as well as the hotel. The upper windows belong the restaurant used for breakfast and also for group bookings.

Yesterday's sunset photos were taken from the lower dining room.

Just across the river is an intriquing garden balcony. It appears to be jam-packed with planters and pots of all description.

Bridge Street does not, in fact, lead to the bridge, although it is close. It is a narrow, one-way street with numerous eateries

and several interesting antique and second-hand shops.

The "emporium" is a huge second-hand shop in which three dealers argued loudly about their dealings. It reminded me of Doris's shop in Gawler 30 years ago.

There was a huge range of goods for sale - but I was not tempted

- not even by the biggest shell box I have ever seen. It was about 60cmx90cmx30 cm.

Admittedly there was a lot of wearable jewellery, some spectacular clothing and I'm sure my cousin Christine would have found linens to tempt her.

This, however, was the real object of my visit - Creative Quilting, recommended by my Watford mate as well worth a visit.

I managed a photo of half the shop for my quilting friends. The other half was similar - loads of fabric, fat quarters, kits and patterns.

I resisted most things, but did buy some stranded cotton in a shade of green I needed for my last robin's panel - the one I am currently working on. I was looking for a grey-green to vary the leaves I am currently embroidering. I found what I was looking for - only to discover, when I got back to the hotel, that it is the Anchor version of the DMC thread I have been predominantly using! Guess I have the right colour!

I think "Super Store" means something different here to what it means in Adelaide!

I couldn't resist yet another photos of Hampton Court chimneys as I crossed back across the bridge.

I had wild mushrooms on brioche at the hotel for lunch today. It was lovely sitting in the window of the restaurant with the sun on me and the window open . Sunny and relatively warm weather is forecast for the rest of this week

I spent a quiet afternoon reading, writing and stitching in my sitting room.

I made sure I was having dinner in good time to watch the sunset over the river - tomato soup and a Caesar salad tonight.

Neither the river nor the sunset disappointed. I didn't capture the rowers - solitary and groups - taking advantage of the evening. The colours were splendid,

lingering gently into darkness.